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US and Foreign Puppy Customers

While we do appreciate your interest in our puppies, there are some things you should be aware of.

1. For our overseas customers: Please check your countries Import guidelines before committing to purchase. Puppies will not be flown before 16 Weeks of age. This is due to the length of the flights.

2. For our USA customers: The CDC has now done away with the rabies requirement for puppies entering the US. This means that you are welcome to come and pick up your puppy when they are ready to go now!

3.There are extra costs involved for holding these puppies an extra 8 weeks.

The Payment schedule for Overseas puppies is as follows:

$400 USD reservation Fee to go on the waiting list

$300 USD when the puppies are born

Balance due when puppies are 6 weeks old.

We do charge an extra $600 USD to hold your puppy, payable before your puppy leaves.

We want the best for your puppy, so they continue on Royal Canin food, we do not switch to a cheaper food to save money while we board your puppy!

Your puppy will also see the vet 2-3 times before he/she leaves, for shots and health certificate.

4. We will now only hold 1 puppy per litter for travel outside of Canada. Please check with us for availability.

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