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Adults Looking For A Home

This Very Special Girl is looking for a new home to call her own. Sugar is a super sweet girl who is now 5 years old. She has given us some beautiful puppies with great temperments. She is now looking for home that she can retire to and be the spoiled queen that she is! 


Please don't think that I abandon or throw away my dogs when they can no longer breed. This could not be further from the truth. I love each of my dogs while they are here with me. They live in my house and are a part of my family. We train, we live and we love. 

I also love what I do. Preservation breeding is close to my heart. Without the work of preservation breeders we end up with dogs that look less like the breed they are. If I were to keep all of my retired girls what would happen? A) I would have a house full of dogs. Like a lot of dogs.I wouldn't be able to continue to breed because that many dogs in a house wouldn't be healthy or conducive to a calm environment to raise the puppies amd B) With how much time we focus on the younger dogs, with training, shows and then breeding and their puppies, the retired dogs would get pushed aside and ignored. Not intentionally, but  it would happen. 

I love my dogs enough to let them go. I want the best for them. I want them to be someone's whole world, like they are mine. I want them to do things that they can't do here. We are very limited what we do here because of the fear of bringing disease in. I want them to go camping or traveling, to the beach and a walk along the seawall. Whatever they enjoy doing with their people! 

So this is why I rehome, not because i don't love my dogs, but because I do.



This is Sugar..

Sugar is 5 Years old\ She is spayed.She is super sweet and a love bug. She can be a little standoffish, But once she trusts you and knows you she will give you her heart. She is a great companion with a gentle soul/

She does have some issues though. 

She does not like going for walks, If she didn't have to go for another walk for the rest of her life, that would be fine with her. She will walk a little in quiet places, but she doesn't really enjoy it. She does not enjoy dog parks or anywhere that there is a lot of dogs. She would not be a dog you bring to a meetup, or Pet a polooza  or anything like that. She also does not enjoy other dogs. She would be fine to live with 1 other. or visit with 1 but that would be it. I can provide lots more information about her/ 

Her Perfect home would be in the country on a farm, or acreage. Even a quiet neighbourhood. She needs a fenced yard, where she can go in and out as she needs. She loves children so kids would be good and silly teens are always welcome! ( She lives with them now)  She is not a barker!

IF you think you would be a good fit for Sugar please send an email to with Sugar as the Subject. 

I will NOT put her on an airplane. She needs to be somewhat local. I need to meet you. 

There is a rehoming fee for her. She is Health tested for all the diseases relevant to Basset Hounds, as well as a few other common disorders. 

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