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Foster Families

We are excited to announce that we will be adding Foster Families to our Breeding Program!

The following information is designed to inform those who may be interested in being a part of this program.

Anyone who owns or has been owned by Bassets knows that Bassets are people dogs. Bassets love being with thier humans! They do not do well in kennels as their need for people is so strong that a kennels can make them destructive,depressed and they will howl forever! This is why we see a lot dogs, of any breed surrendered to shelters and breeders. Any dog, left kenneled will become like this.

We are NOT a Kennel. We are a family who loves bassets! We love to breed and show, and If I had a large acreage, we would own dozens of them! But alas, we are in the city, and have children who have interests of thier own, and who require our time as well.

I started hearing about "Guardian" and " Foster" homes just over a year ago. I brushed it off and thought nobody would go for that! But, it has been on my mind more and more, and I began to see the benefits of it, for us, for the families, and most of all, for the dogs in the program! I was chatting briefly with another breeder who has been doing it for 12 years now, and loves it. That was the push I needed!

How does the program work?

The female or male "pick of select litters" is sold for a significantly reduced fee to a family that will provide a loving, caring home. The dog lives with this family for it's entire life except during the times when it comes to us to be bred and then, later to have puppies.

Ownership of the dog is signed over to the family once the we decide that the dog is retiring from breeding. As the foster puppy grows, its health, temperament and conformation is monitored to determine if it is suitable for breeding. Once the animal is of age for breeding, we decide who it will be bred to and when.

Placing dogs in foster homes results in a far better life for a dog than living in a kennel.

If for some reason I decide an animal is unsuitable for breeding, I will ask that it be spayed or neutered. When that is done, our breeding contract is null and void, the owership is transfered to the family and the dog is able to enjoy life with it's family.

Who qualifies for a foster dog?

When it comes to selecting a foster family,we are very selective in who we choose. We want to make sure that our dogs go to safe homes where they wil be well cared for and not allowed to escape and get lost or get run over by a car.

We expect the dogs to be house dogs. We look for people who have had dogs before. The ideal person is one who has had a dog die of old age. This is a person who know how to take care of a dog and is willing to make a committment for life to one of our dogs.

Foster families need to fill out an application form and be willing to provide references that can be contacted during the approval process.

What are the responsibilities of a foster family?

Females come into season twice a year. We have built our progra where we will do 2 litters back to back, then give the female a rest. Breeding this way is easier on a female's hormones, and reduces the risk of pyometria, an often fatal uterine infection/ A female will generally be retired on or before her 5th birthday. Occassionally a "perfect mom" will be bred longer. The fact is that if a female is in good health, having a litter keeps her hormones flowing and she stays in excellent condition as a result. How many litters she will have in her lifetime is determined by her overall condition, the quality of her pups, her attitude and temperament as a mother, the ease of labor and delivery for her and how quickly she recovers optimum health after a litter.

If you are interested in being considered as a foster family, please click here and put foster family in the subject line.

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