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Long Haired Basset Hounds?

If you have landed on this page you probably have questions about long haired basset hounds. You may have seen one, and thought it was a cross, or you saw one on our website, and wondered what was going on.

Well, it happens. it is rare, but it happens!

It is considered a default in the breed, and as such some breeders will cull them at birth. Other breeders breed for the long hair, calling it "Rare" or "unique"

We have had 2 litters with some puppies with longer hair. I chose not to cull the puppies, and as they are a default, these puppies will be sold to pet homes on a spay/neuter contract, so that they will not breed. I try to breed so that the pups adhere to breed standards, but I also don't believe in taking a life of an otherwise healthy puppy, just because he does not fit "the standard" These pups have just as much love to give as their short haired siblings. They are no different, just with longer hair.

Some genetic information about long hair can be found on this site.

A lot of people just assume that the dog is a mixed breed, even some veterinarians. With our puppies we can trace back around 8 generations, and I can assure you, there are no mixes!

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