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Welcome to Valley Bassets!

Home of Bonsecour Bassets

Canadian Kennel Club Registered Kennel

Enjoy our Bassets!

How Many Basset Hounds Can Fit on a Couch?

He tries to sneak onto the couch without disturbing anyone! Stealth is his middle name!No part of this video, including stills may be used without permission. email at for lice...

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Ou​r beautiful purebred Basset Hounds puppies are bred for good temperament,health and conformation. All of our puppies have had a series of de-wormings, first shots, a thorough physical by our veterinarian, and are guaranteed to leave here in good health. We do our best to bring you the best basset hound possible! You will receive health, feeding and training instructions as well as a shot and health record along with your Basset puppy. All of our dogs are CKC registered and we sell all of our puppies with the CKC non breeding agreements.

At Valley Bassets, we like to have people visit to see our dogs and talk bassets! We want to meet our puppy parents and have the opportunity for you to meet us too! We want our customers to have a long happy experience with the puppies we sell. Having the best relationships and the best service is important to us! We understand though, that this may not always be possible. We will arrange shipping for our customers that are further away, at your expense. We take care of the details, all you need to do is show up to claim your new puppy!

Every puppy that leaves here, benefits from our efforts to produce the best possible Basset Hound puppies. We combine loving care,very healthy dog food, and detailed record keeping to have our puppies leave here happy, strong and healthy. We carefully select our breeding males and females for temperament, confirmation and long term health. We have spent countless hours looking for our dogs! 

As a dog breeder, we take what we do seriously. We attend seminars on health and reproduction, we are active members of the Canadian Kennel Club, We show our dogs in CKC Conformation shows, so we know our dogs fit into the breed standard! They have been evaluated and judged against other dogs. Our Breeding dogs have been genetically heath tested and found to be free of of inherited diseases in Basset Hounds. Recently Romeo has obtained his CHIC # from OFA, which means he has completed all the heath testing required for Basset Hounds! We want to produce dogs with the best temperament, best personalities, Best Health and of course best conformation. and we just love our dogs!

Alex, sleeping Basset Hound

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Alex, sleeping Basset Hound
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